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crazy butt workout!! 3 ways to target a great butt!! #Weighloss #Motivation slimmingtipsblog….


crazy butt workout!! 3 ways to target a great butt!! #Weighloss #Motivation slimmingtipsblog….

stocky carrot greens - #health #food #biking #carfree #fitness

I put some carrot greens in my nachos today. They are a little tough, but add great texture when cooked. I recommend adding a little yogurt or raw cheese once in a while to get the most out of the fiber. Healthy people are strong. Strong people are stout. Stout people are powerful. Powerful people stand up for their #rights. If you are getting tired of your greens & vegetables, try adding a little summer sausage once in a while to alter the flavor. Why not commit to a strenuous training regimen this season? Make use of the energy the warmer season brings. There are reports that people can dump the lipid pills, & they feel better, when they get more exercise instead. So, why not bone up this summer, and invest in yourself instead of lazy parasitic motor culture.

Freedom to link is paramount. - #internet #legislation #ndaa #sopa #cispa #anonymous #ows #occupy #usdor #opblackout

Freedom to link is paramount. Retweet, share, diverse and dangerous information, whatever. It matters not. It is your right. Share a lie to shine a light on it. Share a truth to spread it. Share a misconception to repair it.Share a knowledge to help people You have a right to link. Do not be confused by those who would disparage you for the information that you share. I fear our retweets will be exploited in smear tactics. Defeat these tactics with the truth.You have a right to link to whatever you wish. If we permit people to judge us for the content of our retweets, they will defeat our information renaissance. We must never let that happen. Some exploit the misdirection of blame for political gain, and misjudge us for the information we share. Defend your right to link. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t read every story that I share. I believe in crowd-sourcing, and I insist on the freedom to link. It doesn’t always require science to change the world for the better. Share freely. IMHO, it is most crucial to be able to share strident opinions of those who feel stronger about an issue than we do. We share in gratitude. We must be free to link to the actions of those who are doing the things that we are not willing to do ourselves. Link to thank. Some would say, Why do you link to something you do not believe in or wouldn’t do yourself? This attack would undermine the right to link. First of all, people are free to link for any reason, including no reason at all. Second, we aid our cause by linking to the people who are more strident or anxious to engage. Criticisms of right to link are invalid. This is easy to understand. For example, it is advantageous for people to follow their adversaries. Essential criticism of right to link: It is bad to retweet a drowning man, because drowning is bad. W/o retweets, the man drowns to death. Abit of an absurd example, but it is not difficult to formulate better ones, and it illustrates the point… Internet linkage combines right of assembly and right of expression. Linkage is doubly protected. Defend your right to link. It is no crime to be linked. Linkage is good, always. We will find that we depend our our links in order to live. If that’s not a right, I don’t know what is.

Can you feel a mitochondrion?

I don’t usually tweet health&fitness in the evening, but this is fascinating. - herpetic virus protein channels - http://bit.ly/1i70a2e Many people have latent herpetic virus infections. These channels could be the explanation for some annoying random pinprick sensations. Like you are just sitting there, and if feels like you got bit by a mosquito, but you look and there is no bug. Aberrant channels maybe. I think the sensation is caused by ruptured mitochondria, resulting from these aberrant open channels. I realized this tonight on a bicycle ride. Sudden mitochondrial depolarization should produce a pinprick or static shock sensation. If true, it is incredible that something so tiny should produce such an immediate and tangible effect. Just like when you rub your feet on the floor, and touch a piece of metal. Pins and needles.

Some telltale signs of gmo crops. #gmo #gelobbyday #gmos #food

This needs abit of crowdsourcing. Add to the list.

I found some reports of non-uniform growth and product in golden rice, just like I’ve been observing in the gmo corn. There are also some reports of genomic instability in the golden rice. It is very likely that people will find the same complaints about golden rice that we have had with the gmo corn and soy. If there is widespread golden rice cultivation, people should go out to the countryside and make a visual comparison to common rice. Some things to look for might include unusual variation in plant height, water tolerance, and susceptibility to mold and pests.

In fact, everyone should take some time in the country and look for the telltale signs fo gmo crops. Go to the county fairs, and take some time to talk to the farmers. You might be surprised to learn their positive opinion of organic, non-gmo foods. If we crowdsource this problem, we will be more likely to get the desired result.

Repeal the 2013 Connecticut Gun Ban. Send those who voted for it home. #ctchoosesliberty #neverforgiveneverforget http://thndr.it/Qo7Wej

Repeal the 2013 Connecticut Gun Ban. Send those who voted for it home. #ctchoosesliberty #neverforgiveneverforget http://thndr.it/Qo7Wej

Yet another joy of bicycling essay.

Most sports are easily amenable to tracking and progress measurements. It is easy to tell, if you are lifting more or riding farther Now that I’ve combined calipers,fat meter,&body measuring tape, I would not do without the excellent feedback that this combination brings. I got alot of satisfaction from racking up the points on the Presidential Champions site from my 3 hour ride, but… This positive feedback from the tracking site has likely provided much of the needed encouragement to continue with the exercise program. Bicycling provides many sources of encouragement; seeing sites & countryside, smelling the fresh air away from the city, Bicycling is exploration. Every hill is different. The weather varies. The map spreads out in all directions. It’s important to have an over-arching goal to drive your exercise program. Bicycling provides much needed encouragement.

After posting my current workout recommendations, this morning, I thought people would like some of the dietary links as well.

Temperature, altitude, diet, and exercise can all be part of a longevity plan. Here is the link from this morning. http://bit.ly/1gMlnON
Follow the recommendations in that article for a couple of years, and you will learn the difference between pain and discomfort. ;-)
My link to the USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods has become broken. Here is the new link. http://1.usa.gov/1gMlFVU
You might want to download your own copy of that, so that it does not get lost. ;-)

I’m writing this because my current program and progress is likely strongly dependent on the flavonoids and other polyphenols in my diet.
The following dietary links hit the high points.
Michael L. Love: polyphenols, first round results http://bit.ly/VQ6say
Michael L. Love: Thai Black Rice update | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1lASRmr
Michael L. Love: Flavonoid blast fudge recipe | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1jy3TGB
Michael L. Love: proclus on Blogger: proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley and bone loss http://bit.ly/1my3RhH

Here are some articles primarily about parsley, which is a great way to get some greens and plenty of flavonoids.

proclus : Michael L. Love: Parsley odyssey continues | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/PgfBud
proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley as a preservative | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1h07U7h
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Michael L. Love: more parsley info, anti-diarrhea and other matters http://bit.ly/PgfKxY
Parsley, a brain food? http://bit.ly/1eagOsT

Cold temperatures, strength, and aerobic capacity #biking #carfree

I’m really looking forward to this season. http://bit.ly/1gY91V2 I got an early start this year, working out in the cooler weather. I think it increases aerobic capacity. I resisted the urge to put on a coat, when I knew that I would adapt to the cold, and rapidly acclimatized to winter temps When the the temperature got into the 40-50 degree range, I went on some long rides. I thought I had a heater on board. It is necessary for mitochondria to uncouple to produce the necessary heat, so that cold adaptation can increase aerobic capacity by increasing the demand for oxygen. I realized this yesterday, when I went and gave blood, and I looked at the blood. The difference was obvious.

On the subject of blood donation, it may be possible to leverage a competitive advantage by giving blood. Skip the donation prior to competition. It is very likely that regular blood donors have an increased capacity to produce red blood cells. Add training and cold adaptation to make use of the increased hemoglobin production. Rich blood is likely a main reason athletes have lower respiration rates,but also higher capacities. It’s enormously beneficial. One thing leads to another. There is evidence that higher RBC counts lead to increased healthful angiogenesis. In practical terms, I noticed right away I was far more likely to be found accelerating up the hills. Extend your range.

As always, I recommend combining strength training with this regimen. Many bicyclers could be doing more leg presses. Bicyclists training on leg presses should aim for strength improvements. It really helps get you up the steep hills.



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I just signed this, you should too. - #ukraine #msm #tcot #russia #pjnet #orpuw #ccot #euus #crimea #uniteright #tgdn
Stop the next Exxon Valdez
Bicycling accross Carroll County, Maryland - #biking #carfree

Rather proud of my 70 jaunt across Carrol County today, and into Littlestown PA.  I’ve been setting out on my bicycle every day that I can, when the temperature is over 50F, but it does get a abit colder when the sun goes down.  My toes get a little numb after dark, but they seem to recover. Today, I was somewhat unprepared, and my cell phone went dead, but I did manage a few pictures. I took these at the crossing into Pennsylvania, on the way to Littleston. It is a well marked border, 9 miles southwest of Hanover PA. I wish I could have taken more photos. After Littleston, I ventured south, and saw more gorgeous views of the Maryland portion of the Blue Ridge. I love this so much, someday I’m going to keep riding and not turn around for days.

Some reflections on longevity, calorie restriction, and athleticism

I’ve added a sufficient amount of muscle that the fat meter is reading is getting a little skewy. It was easy to demonstrate this error with calipers and body tape. Definition going up with a stable fat reading was the warning sign. If you really want to increase your metabolism, adding muscle mass is the most direct way to get big gains in metabolism. The amount of exercise that is required to add this much muscle mass will also burn alot of calories. In my experience, there is no way to do this without exceeding the minimum recommended exercise requirements. I’m really looking forward to another season of bicycle touring around the countryside. The current regimen tests if a combination of near-athletic level exercise combined w/CR-related methods bring additive longevity benefits.

I see so many people engaged in the pursuit of longevity, but their muscles are wasting due to the CR. Isn’t this counter-productive? By exercising near the athletic level, you can enjoy more food. Make use of CR-memesis for the larger benefit. It also protects your muscles Near-athletic level exercise may overcome the shortcomings of the memetics, and get us to the goal. That’s the current experiment. A longer life will be far more attractive, if muscle mass is conserved, and you may have more company as a result. ;-)

It is crucial for people to remember that fat masks over muscle loss, which is easily neglected. Don’t miss out on any additive benefit. Unlike many of the other signs of aging, muscle loss is readily reversed. Let’s be real about longevity. Increased lifespan will be far more enjoyable, if you can eat more of the foods that you like. Make use of those muscles. Use or lose.

Folding bicycle with trailer - #biking #carfree

Most people have not seen me towing with the folding bicycle. This gets alot of attention. I wouldn’t recommend this rig for every day use, but it is great for picking up a bicycle from the bike shop. The short wheel base is perhaps less suitable for towing, but it has an element of convenience, and sure gets attention.

folding bicycle with trailer

The bicycle fits inside the trailer. I plan to tow it home with a large bike tonight. I’m planning to secure the gear w/ a 4 hook bungee net. The bike might fit better with the detachable pedals off. I put weight plates inside for extra load. With the bike & gear, it will be 70 pounds of cargo. No problem. 70 pounds of cargo, plus the trailer and other bicycle is well over 100 pounds. Bigger workout.

folding bicycle inside of bicycle trailer

Down the road, it would likely be useful to have a trailer that can be towed by a bicycle or a car. Nice thing about this trailer, like the bicycle, it is also lightweight, and it folds up.