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Aug 22

Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements? - #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #nutrition #swimming #training

I’ve been thinking that swimmer’s ear results primarily from excess ear wax. If I could beat that, I’d likely be in the water. Maybe a nice long fast will help with the ear wax and swimmer’s ear. I’m planning one for this winter. If true, then more endurance may also help with ear wax, swimmer’s ear issue.

Health problems associated with heavy training have been blown way out of proportion. Endurance athletes tend to be long lived. A theory can be proposed because an increase in capacity is associated with more longevity. Exercise is like CR and fasting. OTOH, a medical loss of capacity is associated with bad outcomes. This is also in the folk wisdom. A feeble handshake is associated with dire prospects. The theory predicts that a measured loss of hand strength is associated with bad outcomes. The kick is in the obverse. An increase in strength or endurance is a predictor of a longer life. It’s not the scaler. Endurance changes yield a larger change in life expectancy than strength changes, but they are both valuable. A change in capacity is the predictor of outcomes. Strength and endurance changes are easily measurable. If the theory is true, then strength & endurance monitoring is life expectancy monitoring. 

It appears that CR-memetics, like flavonoids and other polyphenols speed acquisition of strength and endurance capacity. This observation supports the theory and implies that changes in athletic capacity are indeed coupled to changes in expected longevity. It also supports the notion that CR, memesis, and improved athleticism combine to improve longevity. Use them all together to get a better result. Athletic improvements may translate directly to a longer lifespan. If you are dubious about this theory, check the literature for grip strength correlates. It is an easy test. My test will be the swimmer’s ear. I’m expecting improvement.

Yes, it is an easy test, and a valualble one. We have been lacking a way to measure our longevity progress in the short term. If this theory is true, then we have a new compass. 

Aug 20

Regarding training advice - #Ferguson #Prepping #aerobic #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #isis #jamesfoley #maryland #nutrition #training

Some best gains came on bicycle vacations, where I rode long distances every day. Just add more recovery days at the end. I have no doubt that big strength gains can come from working out on consecutive days,but more rest days are also needed If you have a setback, no worries. Muscle loss is easy to recover, so push the limit.

My first century ride, 112 miles. \u2013 http://bit.ly/1oSRb3F PrettyBoy Dam \u2013 http://bit.ly/1rEhxuO

People should consider that Americans may receive bad advice masquerading as good advice. The problem is expected to worsen. For example, if the US economy is under attack, then Americans may receive unwise financial advice. People who are angry with the US government may direct their anger at the American people. US governmental agencies may fail in their obligation to protect Americans. Areas of possible attacks include bad advice regarding child-bearing, exercise, fitness, food, health, & nutrition. Capital investment may withheld and withdrawn as an attack on the US economy. People may be directed into unprofitable and diversionary schemes. Fortunately, the situation is not all gloom&doom, and a person can prepare for these adversities…. Prepping, financial preparation, and the acquisition of as much knowledge as possible are counter-measures. We need not just guns, but strong, healthy, knowledgeable, well-prepared people behind every blade of grass. Are you really going to spend the rest of your life as a tool, being manipulated by every black flag on TV? All of these problems are expected to get worse now, so get prepared for it, while you still can. Get trained now.



Aug 18

Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.

Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.



More #centuryride thoughts. #training #carfree #biking #fitness #health #exercise #ebola

One thing that triggered my writing today was that realization that heavy training gives me immediate relief from so many minor problems. This must be an alien feeling for most people. Just go to Google&try variations on the phrase “I feel so much better…” I felt much better after working out in the cold weather last year. Just can’t escape the conclusion that most people don’t get this. I rode my bicycle over 100 miles last Saturday, and today I feel much better than I have felt in a long time. Tomorrow, I might feel worse, if I don’t work out again. I think most people have this exactly backwards. I used to get sore after working out. Now, I get more sore, when I don’t work out. I’m not describing a bad thing. It is a good thing. Arthritics for example are well aware of this phenomenon. Work makes you feel better, not worse. Exercise is not an addiction or a distraction. It is what we need. Go and look at the photos of Ebola victims. It is clear that many of them got it from having sex with an infected person. It is clear that people have an unfortunate view of what is good for them. Sadly, I sometimes think that I’ll be left with bats for company.

Aug 14

The evidence is ready at hand. #Baltimore/Annapolis trail has attracted some great development. #biking #carfree #training #maryland

 The evidence is ready at hand. #Baltimore/Annapolis trail has attracted some great development. #biking #carfree #training #maryland

More on Jones Falls Trail - #biking #carfree #training #fitness #health #exercise #aerobic

I checked out the boundaries of the Jones Falls Trail last night. http://bit.ly/1oS4Ywk
The proposed stretch of Jones Falls Trail near Mt. Washington Pool looks beautiful. There’ll be challenging switchbacks no doubt.. Looks like the woods were blocked off for recovery. They are thick and lovely. Ready access to a great bike trail should make the surrounding real estate more attractive.  Bicyclists who respect the green path will be attracted to the quiet beauty of this area of this area of Baltimore. More bicyclists means less noise.

Aug 13

Multibanding versus #censorship - #OpBlackout

It is gratifying to see how easy it is to spread knowledge of things that are not published in US MSM. I call it multibanding. By linking our sites together, we amplify our message and defeat censorship. This is one of the things I like about Tumblr and other reblogging services. Inline sharing fights censorship by spreading multiple copies of the message. Multibanding is like reblogging & reweeting, except the same message is published in full on multiple sites. When there is a sufficient number of links, tweets, and redundancy; censorship of the message is virtually impossible. Don’t leave a chokehold for the censors. Make your messaging robust& defeat censorship by using these multibanding techniques.

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Aug 05

More Liberty Reservoir photos. - #training #fitness #carfree #biking #maryland #health #bike #aerobic #bicycle #baltimore

Most of the people following this blog will know that Liberty Reservoir is one of my favorite bicycling destinations in Maryland.  It forms the boundary between Baltimore and Carroll County, and so it is a quick getaway. One of most beautiful parts of the reservoir is the Deer Park Rd bridge, a little known crossing that is difficult to find from the Baltimore side. I got my bike down there last night and snapped these photos. Take Deer Park and Nicodemous Roads to the bridge for an enjoyable 20 mile ride from Owing’s Mills Metro Station and back, through some the most unique scenery in Baltimore County. Highly recommended.

Aug 04

Weekend bicycling trip in Maryland and #Pennsylvania? - #biking #carfree #training #fitness #maryland #bicycle #aerobic #bike #baltimore

You can read this article about the Labor day trip I did on the NCR trail, and see the photos in Google+ and Flickr.

Labor day trip - NCR Trail - Baltimore to York PA, round trip - http://bit.ly/HIVOPX 

Labor day trip - NCR Trail - Baltimore to York PA, round trip - | Flickr - Photo Sharing! http://bit.ly/1qUjoyP

Labor day trip - NCR Trail - Baltimore to York PA, round trip - http://bit.ly/Tohnsv

Labor day trip - NCR Trail - Baltimore to York PA, round trip - - http://bit.ly/UuFmnS

I enjoy stopping at this pizza place in Shrewsbury PA, Sal’s Pizza. Terrific calzones & right on Susquehanna/York Rd.

These days, I’m more inclined to get off the NCR trail and take the back roads. York Rd. is very passable.

Glen Rock Trip in new Google maps with altitude. \u2013 http://bit.ly/1qyiCCJ More on the ride to Glen Rock PA. - http://bit.ly/1o6zGTb

You may not be ready for a full trans-continental ride. I’m not, but you can train for it today. These railroad bike trails are great. It is possible to maintain the required level without actually doing the trans-continental ride. Work up to the point where it is not unusual to ride 70-100 miles in one day. You are there. I like the suggestion of training to 20 miles first, which the average person should be able to handle. When you are comfortable with the 20 mile rides, then try going out for a very long ride on the weekend. Take your time, but log some miles. Riding the full length of the trail to York&back would be a great example of a long ride. Maybe take three days. If you live in Annapolis take the train from Glen Bernie to the NCR trail head. You can also catch this train from BWI airport. It’s a great way to spend Labor Day weekend. They do allow bikes on the train, but there is also a place to rent bicycles near the NCR trail head. The NCR trail is great, but getting off the trail is even better. Another great place nearby is Hereford, MD. The view is fabulous. Hereford is not far from PrettyBoy dam. http://bit.ly/WvBkSY  It is also possible to catch the Jones Falls trail from the light rail train, at Woodbury. http://bit.ly/XtaZVO If you ride near Hereford&PrettyBoy, I suggest turning north to the Pennsylvania hills. http://bit.ly/1qOYc8Z

If you got this far, you might like to know that I’m a biochemist in addition to an avid bicyclist. You can read my longevity articles at the following link. I think this program depends on the information in these articles.

Michael L. Love: Longevity articles summary http://bit.ly/1pKBH3h

Aug 02

Jones falls trail, baltimore, maryland #biking

This Jones Falls trail map snippet sure was popular, and I’ve made use of it myself. Unfortunately the original link became broken. Here it is again. -

I’m  really looking forward to further exploration of the Jones Falls Trail. Here is a little snippet of the map.

Jul 31

Glen Rock Trip in new Google maps with altitude. - #training #exercise #carfree #biking #fitness #health #aerobic #baltimore #maryland

I enjoyed plotting out this route so much, and I thought it would be worth another try to embed the map. Hope it comes through this time. Here are the links to the original posts for more details about this trip. I now feel that this was one of my best and most challenging bicycle ride ever. The image shows over 5000 feet in uphill riding. I strongly recommend this ride, especially to learn how to get off of the NCR trail and take to the roads.



Jul 22

I recommend having two bicycles of similar appearance. #training #exercise #carfree #biking #fitness #health #aerobic http://pic.twitter.com/5dYhC5TFjW

I recommend having two bicycles of similar appearance. pic.twitter.com/5dYhC5TFjW Try to pick a bike that looks commonplace, so that it will pass as routine. It is like picking a car rental of a variety that is most often seen on the road. It gets less attention. It’s about appearances. A racing bicycle can be disguised as a common street bike, and it is less likely to be stolen.

I recommend having two bicycles of similar appearance. http://pic.twitter.com/5dYhC - #training #exercise #carfree #biking #fitness #health #aerobic5TFjW

I recommend having two bicycles of similar appearance. pic.twitter.com/5dYhC5TFjW Try to pick a bike that looks commonplace, so that it will pass as routine. It is like picking a car rental of a variety that is most often seen on the road. It gets less attention. It’s about appearances. A racing bicycle can be disguised as a common street bike, and it is less likely to be stolen.

Jul 20

PrettyBoy Dam - #biking #carfree #fitness #exercise #health #training #aerobic #baltimore #maryland

After all my posts about PrettyBoy Reservoir, I thought that some might like to see photos from around the dam. IMHO, many of these photos are better than the PrettyBoy Dam photos in Google Image. I recommend riding your bicycle to the reservoirs&especially the dams surrounding the city. There are likely some challenging hills. According to the new Google Maps, I logged almost 2500 ft of uphills on this trip.