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What our team experienced over the weekend while at the Chicago NoNATO protests - getlostnato nato nonato ows http://ping.fm/IXTXS

Maltreatment of the detainees in Chicago will not be tolerated. -
#nonato nato ows rahm policebrutality anonymous usdor opblackout

Let M19 rip! -
#nonato occupy nato3 nato ochi nukesout cpd chicago blockupy s21 russianrevolution #pétition ndaa g8 frankfurt

If the police tell you to stop recording, that is a sure sign that you need more cameras! -
#nato getlostnato chicago security nonato

It appears that someone needs to keep an eye on the Secret Service. nato getlostnato blocknatosupply chicago stopcispa privacy ows

Who did the TSA give a tumor today -
#nato chicagobound shutupclinton ows opfreex occupychi nonato chicago anothernyc anonymous

Say GetLostNATO! in Chicago for me. - Solidarity -
#chicago anothernyc 12m15m globalrevolution plf remembranceday2012 drones nato

GetLostNATO GetLostNATO GetLostNATO GetLostNATO nonato chicago anothernyc anonymous 12m15m tomalacalle syria stopnato

We need to say GetLostNATO in Chicago! -
#chicago2012 ows ochi natosummit pakistan shutupclinton

: USDOR goodie bag. - shutupclinton stopcispa nato drones targetedkilling p2 ocean demilitarizeafghanistan cispa chicago acta

: CISPA is anti-freedom. - AntiCISPA twitterbomb still on! - p2 nsa ows nato emails occupy spying chicago privacy 1donmuch

Note to US: It’s big world, FULL of people who want their rights. -
#eu thai protest nato human chicago censorship slopes slippery

City of Chicago sure has a strange notion of freedom of assembly. Check it out - OccupyChi

Let’s hear what Obama thinks of the right to assemble in Chicago. ows usdor occupy occupychicago p2 pw us ows feds gotv tpot

Let the Occupy Chicago movement stay in Grant Park without arrests ping.fm/KHEhU -
#p2 pw oth ows 99percent libertyplaza usdor