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Don’t let them do this to Syria! -
#drone drones yemen pakistan nato syria houlamassacre houla annan

We need to stop these drone operators, before they do the same thing to Syria. -
drones yemen pakistan nato houlamassacre houla

Infowars is reporting that Britain is preparing to invade Syria. -
#NATO houla houlamassacre annan

A bombing coalition will lead to far more deaths than the Houlamassacre. -
#syria anonymous wikileaks nato un houla amnesty nonato

Hundreds killed in Houlamassacre. Thousands killed in coalition bombings! -
#anonymous syria amnesty wikileaks un nato houla

If NATO engages Syria, they will make HoulaMassacre look small. Trust that. -
#houla drones nato nonato drone cia nodrones

Obama’s dead child victims look much like those from Houla. -
#syria houlamassacre drones nato nonato pakistan drone cia nodrones

Kind of reminds a person of the HoulaMassacre, no?-
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Let’s rethink the idea that NATO warmongers can address the problems in Syria. drones houlamassacre houla pakistan nonato wikileaks

: HoulaMassacre, the indiscriminate killing of civilians. What does that remind you of? NATO? US DRONES?

The searing grief of Houla’s survivors - Syria HoulaMassacre. http://ping.fm/11PjL

Drone bombing, war mongering, torture camp operators think they can solve the problem in Syria. HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones

I invite someone to explain how Obama drone bombing mass-murdering is in any way less heinous than HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones

Someone should keep an eye on the people who are shocked by HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones

Drone bombing mass murderers are shocked by HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones