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Help is needed connecting with regions under US drone attack, in order to confirm civilian deaths. -
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PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO
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May I suggest that we need Anonymous incursions and alliances to blow the whistle on drones attacks. -
#cispa antisec occupy lulzsec

FBI Seizes European Counter Network Web Server from Riseup Colocation Facility - anonymous gema freiheit lulzsec http://ping.fm/73lo8

There are anons who are ready to demonstrate their power, having eluded arrest, and following on OpBlackout. Lulzsec on resurgence, etc.

We need someone to watch Neighborhood Watch.
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Injustice surrounding Trayvon Martin killing reminds many of us why we got involved in Occupy, etc.
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It appears to me that a revamped Antisec / Lulzsec is getting ready to roar into spring!
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Delighted to observe that Antisec bridge-burning has been largely unsuccessful. -
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In that case, Trayvon was the victim of police abuse by proxy. -
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GetReady. RT @YourAnonNews “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” Anonymous LulzSec AntiSec ExpectUs

Anonymous AntiSec LulzSec ExpectUs

The dog ate my homework and the cat ate my ship. Twitter OR - set sail. lulzsec

Safe to say that he prosecution of people like Jacob Appelbaum would produce repercussions. - anon rights freedom lulzsec anonymous

: Lulzsec hacker: we still have Sun emails, stored in China’ http://ping.fm/icbjt