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The Bradley Manning trial shows again that the concept of US justice is a complete joke.   Bradley Manning has sadly shown us another truth. US justice is a mockery.   We will never forget Bradley Manning. We will never forget the abuse that he received from the US.  These jackals have delivered their disgusting brand of “jurisprudence” to Bradley Manning.  That so-called judge should bend over and kiss Bradley Manning’s fanny.  US wipes out 1 million is South Asia, then calls Bradley Manning ‘wanton’, ‘reckless’, and ‘dangerous’. Sheesh!  Clearly, the lack of moral character does not reside in Bradley Manning.  People look at what the US has done to Bradley Manning and they say, “Never again”.  This travesty of justice will not stop what Bradley Manning started. Many have adopted his worldview and motivations.  The US will have one man in prison. Bradley Manning will have billions of supporters.

If you vote for Obama, you are assenting to his murders, bellicose warlike acts,&to his treatment of Bradley Manning. FreeBrad VoteGreen

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Jill Stein would pardon whistleblower Bradley Manning - opManning freebrad bradleymanning

Jill Stein said she would pardon Bradley Manning. What about your candidate? greenparty jillstein freebrad

Dr. Stein would pardon Bradley Manning -
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Until US changes its drones policies, etc, it is likely a bad idea to side with Obama. -
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Most notable Nobel prize winner is confessed mass-murderer. Bradley Manning shared some discs, and rots in jail. -
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