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People should understand the reason for Pakistan outrage against NATO supply route. Obama with his drones is yet another baby killer.

Al Akhbar: Pakistanis protest reopening of NATO supply lines – pakistan http://bit.ly/NSChMq

Fresh Protest Slams NATO Supplies Reflow
http://ping.fm/UtInL pakistan drones

Thousands Protest NATO in Pakistan
http://ping.fm/OSFXu nonato

I am hearing reports that action against the NATO supply route is spreading in Pakistan, and that more are expected next week. Good news!

I am really looking forward to future actions against the NATO supply route.-
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A huge NATO protest march just reached Islamabad square, in front of Parliament. Pakistan wikileaks syriafiles selex tetra freebrad

Thousands March in Pakistan Against NATO Routes 8julylongmarch islamabad dpcmarch4peace

: Pakistan to check all NATO trucks

First NATO trucks cross Pakistan border

How is the downing of a jet over Syria of any significance compared to US drone related war crimes? drones nodrones nato humanrights

Some fat cats who habitual attack our Constitutional liberties think that drone bombing mass-murder is A-OK. Surprised? drones - nato

So typical. If US & NATO continue to adopt terrorist tactics, there will be nothing left for nobody. -
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We need to put the days behind us when Israel could manipulate the US political agenda. -
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One drone bomber to another there. -
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