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Make the call TODAY. -
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http://bit.ly/JmoOut thx @freepress

Who did TSA give a tumor today? -
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Bradley Manning: A Totalitarian Show Trial of State Secrecy - opdx a24 freebrad wl http://ping.fm/VZAPh

I agree that the Bradley Manning trial has all the hallmarks of a showtrial. opdx a24 freebrad wl

Bradley Manning: a show trial of state secrecy | Michael Ratner - opdx a24 freebrad wl http://ping.fm/UDz7O

Free Bradley Manning -
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The ground is rumbling. Occupy is moving again. -
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If you are curious about what F3 is about, here are some hastags. -
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: F3 is marvellous. Thx to everyone who pitched in! -
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Have a great SolidaritySunday!-
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It was thrilling to see the groundswell of activism against indefinite detention yesterday.-
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Building #Occupy support 4 #OpBlackout action, faved&blogged. More likely coming. - #OWS #OSLC #TeaParty #NDAA #SOPA #PIPA #OPDX #J3 #nycga

OccupyOregon OpBlackout march Jan 3 at Director Park, SW Yamhill & Park Ave in pdx - 6pm. fb event: is.gd/XarEMR NDAA SOPA PIPA OPDX
17 minutes ago
jopauca ACTION TOMORROW against the NDAA signed by Obama. Join us. http://ping.fm/eYRx1 OpBlackout
about 3 hours ago
Occupy Salt Lake
OccupySaltLake J3 URGENT ANONYMOUS TRANSMISSION : OpBlackout Engaged - Day Of Action 1-3-12 http://ping.fm/O8pF8 OWS OSLC TeaParty

Building Occupy support 4 OpBlackout action, faved&blogged. More likely coming. -

It appears that OccupyBaltimore was evicted early this morning. -
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Stop Censorship. Call your Senators. - OpBlackout usdor pipa ows sopa rights opdx ola occupyla ndaa liberty http://ping.fm/gAOFg