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The ground is rumbling. Occupy is moving again. -
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Have a great SolidaritySunday!-
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DoX -
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Arrest this! -
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Sounds like Occupy Oakland was treated very poorly last night. GetReady. -
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Will be missing @OpBaltimore. OccupyBaltimore blackfriday OpBlackout occupyboston occupychicago occupydavis occupyoakland anonymous

OccupyOakland Calls for TOTAL WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12 http://ping.fm/hKcxY

OccupyOakland Whose streets? Oakland’s shadow government presses City Hall to end the occupation

: OccupyOakland has very many tents today. It must be quite beautiful to see - oo p2 n17 opd ows occupy oakland occupysf occupychi

: Oakland city will save more money by ceasing its resistance to the occupation. - oo p2 ows occupysf occupyoakland occupy occupychi

Will Oakland city now stand up to monied interests for freedom of assembly? - oo p2 ows occupysf occupyoakland occupy occupychi

Experts question shooting of OccupyOakland filmer - oo p2 ows p21 occupy usdor anonops antisec occupydc http://ping.fm/LQpId

OccupyOakland protesters shut port yesterday http://ping.fm/EaDRo

: GeneralStrike Tomorrow! - ows oo occupyoakland oakland nov2

@OaklandStrike has some terrific OccupyOakland photos in their feed right now. oo p2 ows tcot egypt quote change occupy usdor