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I want the bombing to stop. What do I do? - #isis #syria #iraq #raqqa #prepping #tcot #survival #preppers #isil #airstrikes #msm #carfree

The US has made the world a more dangerous place today.  US airstrikes make more terrorist attacks, not less.  The US is deliberately provoking #ISIS into attacking Americans. We’ve been watching US militarism for a long time. You know these #airstrikes are just the beginning. Fight them now.

The first thing to do is to disengage from US consumerism. Shun their media and their products. Sell your car and buy a #bicycle. It is really about self-reliance. Why should you depend on US mass-murderers for your #food, clothing, media, etc. US #MSM has been consistently lying to us. Pull the plug! War tax resistance is not for everyone. We should find ways to pay less taxes without attracting US attention.  

Sadly, war resistance takes time, and we can expect the worst from the US. IMHO, the US is planning a #disaster. Prepare for it. It is possible to prep& #bugout with a #bicycle trailer or a hand dolly, which don’t require gasoline. Resist the US by opting out. If you can’t sell your car, then use it less. Motor culture is a non-stop invitation to the degrading US media and advertising culture, which is a major source of our problems.  You can see this when you drive. US commericial imagery is just about everywhere. You can shun this unhelpful invitation by driving less or stopping altogether.

Flying is worse than driving, so motor transportation may be best for long trips. The airports have been the major venues for the violation of our rights, and they are also primary targets. My advice is to stop flying altogether. 

Another development is that Americans are under attack from within, so take this into account in your preparations.  Buy a water filter&disengage from the chemical& #gmo culture which is rotting our brains and sapping our #strength.  #Fitness training is crucial, and focus on healthy #diet. Avoid medicalization and pharma products.  Avoid the mall like the plague. The US is dropping bombs on innocent women and children, so be creative, and think of your own strategies. 

If you want more ideas, then check the following article and links. It is just a starting point.

The stupid war against terrorism


Some may deride these efforts as small and insignificant, but if we all do our part, we can make the difference that we are looking for. Let’s roll.  

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The US should stop bombing #Syria & #Iraq! Write to Obama&Congress today! via @winwithoutwar #ISIS #raqqa http://bit.ly/syria-take-action

The US should stop bombing #Syria & #Iraq! Write to Obama&Congress today! via @winwithoutwar #ISIS #raqqahttp://bit.ly/syria-take-action

Nothing like another war front to balloon the debt. US is actually hamstrung. US militarism: the giant sucking sound of a massive vicious parasite. I’m sure that the relatives all the victims of US aggression will be comforted to know that that the US is on the ball. All those dead women and children are really terrorists, right? Such precision. The US really knows how to hit the target. Cows fly. My anti-war activism goes back a ways. - US aggression leads predictably to bad results: Take action to stop the… http://bit.ly/1spCBZZ The situation in the US is now far worse than it was under Bush, tho he was a monster. http://bit.ly/1spCBZZ We should not be restrained in our opposition to US militarism. The time for restraint is over. We have seen enough of US actions to know that the current action only presages much worse. The time to engage the US is now, before they escalate. The US is not ham handed or aimless. The are deliberately provoking the forces. The US is not incompetent. They are deliberately provoking and prolonging the conflict. We should resist their evil plan. Resist War! pic.twitter.com/pjnatzh4KQ
The US should stop bombing #Syria & #Iraq! Write to Obama&Congress today! via @winwithoutwar #ISIS #raqqa http://bit.ly/syria-take-action
Obama is a traitor. - #isis #syria #airstrikes #isil #iraq #syriaairstrikes #tlot #msm #wetheppl #uniteblue #uae #truth #tgdn #tcot #rkba #p2 #obamabombingsyria #isisairstrikes #is #beheading #2a

  When people stop lying for Obama, we will be far better off. The deaths of innocent people clearly means nothing to these goons in DC. Am I the only one who feels we walked right into their trap? Ravi Grivois-Shah @RGrivoisShah · 4h Michael L. Love retweeted So they show and we show What a world. joseph granda @grandaart · 4h Michael L. Love retweeted They kill a handful of Americans so we send air strikes to a handful of their CITIES?! Alex Dean Radford @AlexDeanRadford · 12h Michael L. Love retweeted People should vote out the lapdogs that supported traitorous Obama. Obama has fundamentally breached the faith of the people who elected him to office. His supporters should be voted out. It is crucial to disavow the criminal actions of US gov, and disengage from their media, their products, and their politics. We must fundamentally undermine the incentives that led to barbaric US aggression. They claim falsely that the majority of Americans support their actions…. We must let our discontent ring out! We must melt their ears! WE DO NOT SUPPORT BLOODY US ACTIONS!

Stop the U.S. Bombing of Syria! Thursday, 12 Noon, White House - #isis #syria #iraq #airstrikes #uae #isil #syriaairstrikes

Another great action from ANSWER

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Stop the U.S. bombing of Syria!

Thursday, September 25
12 Noon at the White House

Protest initiated by ANSWER Coalition and CODEPINK

Syria Strike Sept. 2014
First U.S. airstrikes in Syria killed 8 civilians, including 3 children

ANSWER Coalition statement on
the U.S. bombing of Syria

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People have been taking to the streets across the
United States for over a year to oppose a new war in
Syria. The above photo was taken at a demonstration
on  Aug. 30, 2013

The U.S. bombing of Syria has begun.

We in the ANSWER Coalition oppose this war and are calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. Click here to see a growing list of demonstrations nationwide. This war, like the earlier ones, is being sold on the basis of misinformation and fear. The United States is a major part of the problem and cannot be the solution to the current crisis in Syria and Iraq.

This new aggression is loaded with irony. The Pentagon spokesperson says that the bombing is directed against the self-named Islamic State (ISIS) forces that have gained control over large swaths of Syria and Iraq. But it was precisely the arms transfers and funding of ISIS by the U.S. government’s principal allies in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, that have allowed the Islamic state to grow strong in its struggle to topple the secular Syrian government led by Bashar Al-Assad. 

We, in the U.S. anti-war movement, are exposing the fundamental truth that the Obama administration conceals from the people: The so-called Islamic State or ISIS wouldn’t exist today as a major force either in Syria or Iraq if it wasn’t for the U.S. military aggression that smashed the secular, nationalist governments in Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011, followed by the U.S. government’s catastrophic support for the armed opposition against the similarly organized government in Syria.

The U.S. bombing of Syrian territory is taking place without the consent of the Syrian government. It is one more U.S. violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty. The Syrian government had offered to cooperate with the United States in a joint military struggle against the reactionary forces of ISIS. That offer has, however, been immediately and categorically rejected by all in the U.S. ruling class political circles who have already announced that the Syrian government must be destroyed. Obama and the Pentagon and the CIA and, last and least, the bribed and corrupted talking heads in Congress are determined to use the attack against the Islamic State as a pretext to carry out regime change in Syria by military means even though the Syrian government has been the most effective military force in struggling against the so-called Islamic State.

The real objectives of U.S. imperialism are to locate permanent Pentagon military bases in Iraq, Syria and the entire resource-rich region of the Middle East. This is the goal: the projection of permanent imperial power and domination in a region that contains two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves.

For the past 24 years, the United States has relentlessly bombed Iraq and now it is bombing Syria. Neither Iraq nor Syria has ever attacked the United States or its people. This enduring war against previously colonized peoples is justified with shifting and changing rationales. But it is illegal. It is an expression of modern-day imperialism. It is causing chaos and destruction in the targeted countries. And ultimately it will fail to satisfy its objectives because it is based on the fantasies of those who have become drunk on that now-familiar toxic combination of unbridled arrogance and military power.

The majority of people of the United States oppose this endless war in Iraq and now Syria. It is not in their interest. At any moment this or that poll will announce that the American people favor military action of some sort. This is paper-thin propaganda. If the country and its people were actually threatened, the Commander in Chief would not have to go on national TV and promise the people that this war will involve “no boots on the ground.” There is no clearer indication that the motivation for the new imperial war is not just flimsy but false.

Click here to see a growing list of demonstrations nationwide.

Demonstrations will be taking place nationwide to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. A list of demonstrations will be available soon at AnswerCoalition.org. Please send in details of planned demonstrations to info@answercoalition.org.

Please make an urgently needed donation to help the ANSWER Coalition continue to build the movement against U.S. war and mobilize opposition to this latest act of aggression. The struggle is entering a crucial period, but we can only carry on this work with the assistance of our supporters.

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
National Office in Washington DC: 202-265-1948
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My response to the DFA. #syria #assad #chemicalweapons

US military intervention in Syria will damage US reputation and the economy. It is an unwarranted intervention that Congress is not likely to approve, and it will not make Americans safer. Instead it will expose the the country to the same blowback and hostility that we have been seeing for more than 10 years. This is not the right time for the US to police international agreements. Finally, US military intervention is not supported by the American people. This plan should be set aside, for more pressing matters.

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US announces Raytheon indicted for breaking Syria embargo — oops, wrong country. ;-) -
#wikileaks syriafiles selex wlgrandjury tetra

Here’s more - sistri marconi intracom ericsson
- Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

I suspect that US ties to the vendors are in play, giving rise to tepid response of US media. Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

People believe the West was taking away from Syria with the right hand,&giving back with the left hand. Understandable. syriafiles selex

It appears that goods were being diverted to police and other state agencies in response to the unrest. syria syriafiles selex

It is clear that Syria was trying to find other sources for the goods that the US was refusing to ship to them. syriafiles

Pro-interventionist checkmate: Permit your enemies to do massacres. Not working in Syria, because the West has backdoors in their comms.

Appears western powers have sufficient intel to know they are being baited in Syria. Pro-interventionists killings were futile. Syriagate

It will be interesting to see how pro-interventionists have promoted war and suffering in Syria for their own profit. wikileaks syriafiles