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My response to the DFA. #syria #assad #chemicalweapons

US military intervention in Syria will damage US reputation and the economy. It is an unwarranted intervention that Congress is not likely to approve, and it will not make Americans safer. Instead it will expose the the country to the same blowback and hostility that we have been seeing for more than 10 years. This is not the right time for the US to police international agreements. Finally, US military intervention is not supported by the American people. This plan should be set aside, for more pressing matters.

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US announces Raytheon indicted for breaking Syria embargo — oops, wrong country. ;-) -
#wikileaks syriafiles selex wlgrandjury tetra

Here’s more - sistri marconi intracom ericsson
- Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

I suspect that US ties to the vendors are in play, giving rise to tepid response of US media. Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

People believe the West was taking away from Syria with the right hand,&giving back with the left hand. Understandable. syriafiles selex

It appears that goods were being diverted to police and other state agencies in response to the unrest. syria syriafiles selex

It is clear that Syria was trying to find other sources for the goods that the US was refusing to ship to them. syriafiles

Pro-interventionist checkmate: Permit your enemies to do massacres. Not working in Syria, because the West has backdoors in their comms.

Appears western powers have sufficient intel to know they are being baited in Syria. Pro-interventionists killings were futile. Syriagate

It will be interesting to see how pro-interventionists have promoted war and suffering in Syria for their own profit. wikileaks syriafiles

How is the downing of a jet over Syria of any significance compared to US drone related war crimes? drones nodrones nato humanrights

Let’s not forget that NATO has an immense and demonstrated capacity to only make things worse in Syria. - nonato

Isn’t there reason to doubt anyone who thinks that more weapons will solve any problem in Syria? -

: NATO meeting to discuss whether to bomb civilians in Syria over downed fighter pilot.