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I am surprised by the frequency of hacks and computer viruses in the computers of the US military command. anonymous anon a99 opesr

It will be amusing to hear the Dems that support drone strikes, but defend equal protection. -
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Killing innocent people suddenly becomes OK, if a majority agrees? -
Pew poll stinks. -
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Say it again, Obama is a confessed mass-murderer. -
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Who did TSA give a tumor today? - opdefense stopcispa svpol cispa auspol wikileaks solidarity ows manning internet anons anon

Stop the PolarBear Rug Trade « GNU-Darwin Action Blog -
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It appears to me that a revamped Antisec / Lulzsec is getting ready to roar into spring!
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Delighted to observe that Antisec bridge-burning has been largely unsuccessful. -
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In that case, Trayvon was the victim of police abuse by proxy. -
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IMHO, TheAnonMessage is the best anon YouTube channel that I have ever encountered. Operation V has credibility. OpV

RT @rod_ftw: Look at: piratepad.nl/l5jI4ixo39 and spread. Important! Collect ideas. opblackout opwhiteout occupy ows anon anonymous

Can someone tell me if Wikileaks mirror information was taken by the Wikileaks defectors?
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: Occupy Baltimore may be in for trouble this Sunday.
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Stressed caregivers during the holidays:My cherished friends, I know you are busy and anxious. Take care. a99 anon ows usdor occupy FF

A Message From Anonymous: OpHorizon wakeupamerica clearcutting bulldozers a99 anon http://ping.fm/px0Up