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What our team experienced over the weekend while at the Chicago NoNATO protests - getlostnato nato nonato ows http://ping.fm/IXTXS

: NATO Summit Meeting in Chicago, and More from CRS | Secrecy News - getlostnato nonato blocknatosupply pakistan http://ping.fm/Bhcl4

Express Tribune reports the drones attacks continue in wake of Pakistan NATO deal. GetlostNATO BlockNATOsupply http://ping.fm/FKzeW

Did NATO provide Pakistan access to the summit in return for opening the supply lines? -
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If the police tell you to stop recording, that is a sure sign that you need more cameras! -
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Nothing puts American liberties at greater risk than over-zealous security measures. -
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It appears that someone needs to keep an eye on the Secret Service. nato getlostnato blocknatosupply chicago stopcispa privacy ows

Chicago Metra train service shaping up to a privacy nightmare? - opdefense stopcispa opblackout getlostnato http://ping.fm/js2A8

Honoring a ‘Terror War’ Architect - brennan yemen drone drones peoplessummit getlostnato http://ping.fm/Ji7kE

: PeoplesSummit day 2 is really starting to roll!-
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Wake up Chicago! Looking forward PeoplesSummit day 2! -
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If they kill women and children, and call them Al Qaeda, then all of us are Al Qaeda. - peoplessummit nato getlostnato ows occupychi

PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO
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PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO
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: GetLostNato - Can’t wait to hear all about PeoplesSummit! -
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