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Don’t let them do this to Syria! -
#drone drones yemen pakistan nato syria houlamassacre houla annan

We need to stop these drone operators, before they do the same thing to Syria. -
drones yemen pakistan nato houlamassacre houla

Infowars is reporting that Britain is preparing to invade Syria. -
#NATO houla houlamassacre annan

A bombing coalition will lead to far more deaths than the Houlamassacre. -
#syria anonymous wikileaks nato un houla amnesty nonato

Hundreds killed in Houlamassacre. Thousands killed in coalition bombings! -
#anonymous syria amnesty wikileaks un nato houla

100’s die in Houla Massacre. 1000’s die in coalition bombings. -
#syria nato cia no1terroristus

And the little children sing, “Obama, don’t bomb us”. - syria amnesty wikileaks un nato houla

It is becoming clear that the people of Houla were killed for a similar set of reasons as the victims of US and NATO aggression.

Obama’s dead child victims look much like those from Houla. -
#syria houlamassacre drones nato nonato pakistan drone cia nodrones

Kind of reminds a person of the HoulaMassacre, no?-
#drones syria houla nato pakistan nonato wikileaks us nodrones no1terroristus

Let’s rethink the idea that NATO warmongers can address the problems in Syria. drones houlamassacre houla pakistan nonato wikileaks

In what way can the killers of a million address the killing of hundreds? -
#HoulaMassacre syria houla nato

The searing grief of Houla’s survivors - Syria HoulaMassacre. http://ping.fm/11PjL

Drone bombing, war mongering, torture camp operators think they can solve the problem in Syria. HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones

I invite someone to explain how Obama drone bombing mass-murdering is in any way less heinous than HoulaMassacre. - syria houla drones