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It seems clear enough to me that some in the press are using MayDay coverage to turn people against the Occupy movement. m1gs ows oo

Also noticed an unfortunate tendency in MSM MayDay coverage to focus on vandals, arrests, and traffic interruptions;a distorted view m1gs

Baltimore City honored the May Day Strike, by order of the mayor. Historic? -
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Who did TSA give a tumor today? - drones p2 ows oo mayday m1nyc m1gs targetedkilling bmoremayday xray usdor

If they kill women and children, and call them Al Qaeda, then we are all Al Qaeda. - drones p2 ows oo mayday m1gs targetedkilling

: MayDay Marked Around the Arab World - ows opd oo may1 m1nyc m1gs http://ping.fm/iBjVO

CNNMoney tweets that there were strikes in Turkey, Greece and Britain today. -
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MayDay is a good day to keep an eye on the policebrutality hashtag. -
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Gawker: NYPD Raids Activists’ Homes Before MayDay Protests - m1gs p2 ows oo m1nyc

Did you get out for MayDay? If you live in the west, there is still time to hit the streets. -
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Great to see the way @truthout is covering the MayDay activities. ows occupy m1gs oo p2 m1nyc

We don’t Congress or the President to proclaim a holiday. Happy Mayday! -
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Who did TSA give a tumor today? -
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GNU-Darwin_org: MAYDAY STRIKE! Contact your local OCCUPY and get out on the street! mayday ows m1gs http://ping.fm/9dvfi

Baby killing machines, a gallery- boeing lockheed - usdor opdefense dronesummit m1gs drones waronterror ows http://ping.fm/4MztC