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I think that the US is doing the wrong thing in South Asia. Drone bomb me. US out of Afghanistan, and Pakistan! -
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Thousands Protest NATO in Pakistan
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NoNato - dpcmarch4peace

Let’s not forget that NATO has an immense and demonstrated capacity to only make things worse in Syria. - nonato

: JimmyCarter brings some moral backbone to the debate. Wood that it were more commonplace. -
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US withholds indictment, won’t share evidence (if any), in its case (if any) against the NATO3 - nonato http://ping.fm/EB1bW

Obama afraid to show us his lame, bogus defense of drone attacks. His lawyers would probably be disbarred. -
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I have nothing in common with those who say “we” when they refer to “killing” people. - drones drone nato nonato

US should note that this orientation cannot be sustained. -
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It appears that US has concluded to continue with war crimes, even if their actions become widely known. -
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US apologizes for attempting to provoke a war with Pakistan prematurely. Salala nato nonato

Cluebat for Obama: Yemeni militants pose no threat to Americans at all. Stop your illegal operations. drones drone nato nonato

The drones mostly remind us to reign in illegal US practices. We have our eye on them too. drone nato nonato

US Drone Program Fuels Global Dismay with Obama Presidency
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In what way is AlQaeda in Yemen a US national security risk? Panetta has lost his mind. -
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