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CNN: Nigeria imposed a 24-hour curfew Saturday in the northern city of Kano after assailants killed scores of people and… OccupyNigeria

: BigOil OilSpill - drats, I almost forgot about today’s immanent oil spill. -
#nokxl pollution occupynigeria blacktide -

You could say Shell knows how to spill the oil. - OccupyNigeria nigeria nokxl oilspill bigoil oil petroleum blacktide arctic

Police fired tear gas and beat protesters to force them out of a square - OccupyNigeria http://ping.fm/eGTET

PolarBears are big, and they are accustomed to getting what they want! -
#oilspill sopa pipa occupynigeria nokxl bigoil OpBlackout

Nigerians have correctly surmised that the price of oil is artificially and absurdly inflated. - OccupyNigeria -
#BigOil oilspill shell

There be polarbears here! -
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PressTV - Nigerians stage 2nd day of strike - OccupyNigeria Nigeria http://ping.fm/JRlzN

: Anonymous now has pictures of grave abuses in Nigeria against OccupyNigeria protesters. -
#ows occupy usdor shell oilspill nokxl

Violence against the protesters in Nigeria is only likely to spread the strike. OccupyNigeria

: OccupyNigeria, It appears that the fuel strike may be having a greater effect than people are willing to admit.

: OccupyNigeria

NIGERIA: Police Crack Down on Fuel Protests - OccupyNigeria http://ping.fm/48Cvn

It is a time worn tale. Someone thinks the nations resources don’t belong to the people that reside there. occupynigeria fuelsubsidy