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People should understand the reason for Pakistan outrage against NATO supply route. Obama with his drones is yet another baby killer.

I think that the US is doing the wrong thing in South Asia. Drone bomb me. US out of Afghanistan, and Pakistan! -
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Al Akhbar: Pakistanis protest reopening of NATO supply lines – pakistan http://bit.ly/NSChMq

Fresh Protest Slams NATO Supplies Reflow
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Thousands Protest NATO in Pakistan
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Jill Stein spoke out against killer drones yesterday, when she was nominated as the Green Party Presidential candidate. Pakistan Yemen

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I am hearing reports that action against the NATO supply route is spreading in Pakistan, and that more are expected next week. Good news!

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I am really looking forward to future actions against the NATO supply route.-
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A huge NATO protest march just reached Islamabad square, in front of Parliament. Pakistan wikileaks syriafiles selex tetra freebrad

: Pakistan Shuts Capital as Islamists Protest NATO Route Reopening 8julylongmarch islamabad dpcmarch4peace

: Pakistan to check all NATO trucks

First NATO trucks cross Pakistan border