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In what way is AlQaeda in Yemen a US national security risk? Panetta has lost his mind. -
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US could save alot of money by withdrawing from South Asia and dumping Panetta. ShutupPanetta! - nonato drones nato drone

: Panetta: We are protecting the lives of US soldiers. (rolf) -
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: Panetta: We are protecting Americans by bombing out residential homes in Afghanistan. -
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: Panetta thinks he protects US forces. That’s a good one. -
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We have seen the US middle-men, all too eager to withhold knowledge, and kiss up to wealth&power.-
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Obama is indulging a counter-productive desire for revenge on the part of the US military.-
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Who did TSA give a tumor today? -
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The US should be warned that we reject a world where shear military might decides the outcome. -
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The doghouse always has on open door for Panetta.

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One might accuse Panetta of a god complex, but it is more likely that he is merely truly evil.

: Panetta needs to go attack himself. -
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Dead people can’t accept your apologies! -
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: NATO, show me don’t tell me. Stop killing civilians! -
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