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Honoring a ‘Terror War’ Architect - brennan yemen drone drones peoplessummit getlostnato http://ping.fm/Ji7kE

: NATO Underplayed Civilian Deaths in Libya: HRW - PeoplesSummit http://ping.fm/a2dI2

US drones eliminate the problems that result from taking prisoners. PeoplesSummit

: PeoplesSummit day 2 is really starting to roll!-
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It appears that US and Yemen authorities have a conspiracy of silence regarding their mass-murdering drones. nodrones PeoplesSummit

: Drones strikes undermine Yemen sovereignty, whether or not they are acknoledged by US and Yemeni authorities. nodrones PeoplesSummit

Just in time for the Sunday talk shows, they can call all the victims Al Qaeda militants. It is likely not so. nodrones PeoplesSummit

: Brennan swoops into Yemen with his drones. - warcrimes nodrones PeoplesSummit

PeoplesSummit PeoplesSummit PeoplesSummit
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Wake up Chicago! Looking forward PeoplesSummit day 2! -
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If they kill women and children, and call them Al Qaeda, then all of us are Al Qaeda. - peoplessummit nato getlostnato ows occupychi

I cannot wait to read more about PeoplesSummit tormorrow! -
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PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO
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PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO PeoplesSummit GetLostNATO
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: GetLostNato - Can’t wait to hear all about PeoplesSummit! -
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