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#CISA is the new #CISPA

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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) makes it easier for private companies to share sensitive personal information with federal agencies. That’s troubling enough. But CISA also lacks any privacy or human rights protections — and it specifically fails to protect the private data of internet users outside the U.S.

Now that the bill is out of the committee it could be voted on at any moment. Join me in urging President Obama to reject CISA and any bill that attacks our basic rights online.


Freedom to link is paramount. - #internet #legislation #ndaa #sopa #cispa #anonymous #ows #occupy #usdor #opblackout

Freedom to link is paramount. Retweet, share, diverse and dangerous information, whatever. It matters not. It is your right. Share a lie to shine a light on it. Share a truth to spread it. Share a misconception to repair it.Share a knowledge to help people You have a right to link. Do not be confused by those who would disparage you for the information that you share. I fear our retweets will be exploited in smear tactics. Defeat these tactics with the truth.You have a right to link to whatever you wish. If we permit people to judge us for the content of our retweets, they will defeat our information renaissance. We must never let that happen. Some exploit the misdirection of blame for political gain, and misjudge us for the information we share. Defend your right to link. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t read every story that I share. I believe in crowd-sourcing, and I insist on the freedom to link. It doesn’t always require science to change the world for the better. Share freely. IMHO, it is most crucial to be able to share strident opinions of those who feel stronger about an issue than we do. We share in gratitude. We must be free to link to the actions of those who are doing the things that we are not willing to do ourselves. Link to thank. Some would say, Why do you link to something you do not believe in or wouldn’t do yourself? This attack would undermine the right to link. First of all, people are free to link for any reason, including no reason at all. Second, we aid our cause by linking to the people who are more strident or anxious to engage. Criticisms of right to link are invalid. This is easy to understand. For example, it is advantageous for people to follow their adversaries. Essential criticism of right to link: It is bad to retweet a drowning man, because drowning is bad. W/o retweets, the man drowns to death. Abit of an absurd example, but it is not difficult to formulate better ones, and it illustrates the point… Internet linkage combines right of assembly and right of expression. Linkage is doubly protected. Defend your right to link. It is no crime to be linked. Linkage is good, always. We will find that we depend our our links in order to live. If that’s not a right, I don’t know what is.

No surprise to see this happening at JPL #anonymous #cispa #drone #drones #legislation #ndaa #potus #rnc #sopa #usdor

No Drones Maryland: Calling for End to Drone Research at Johns Hopkins University

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US is taking half of your tax dollars&using it to make new enemies 4 you. Most of the rest is bailout for rich fatsos. Al #Qaeda the enemy?

US is taking half of your tax dollars&using it to make new enemies 4 you. Most of the rest is bailout for rich fatsos. Al the enemy?

#OpBlackout #tag #wrap #- #drones #drone #ows #occupydnc #ndaa #fakeliberals #dncmiccheck #wikileaks #usdor #trapwire #tpp #sopa #qaeda

#OpBlackout #tag #wrap #- #drones #drone #ows #occupydnc #ndaa #fakeliberals #dncmiccheck #wikileaks #usdor #trapwire #tpp #sopa #qaeda #tagmaker
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Imagine that you voted for a candidate who supported your issues. VoteGreen. Support JillStein.
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Other issues I’d like to hear from Jill about: rights issues, like sopa pipa and cispa. Wikileaks, TSA X-ray body scanners, xray,

Does your candidate want NDAA repealed? JillStein wants it repealed! - votegreen green gp2012 sopa cispa OpBlackout

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A huge NATO protest march just reached Islamabad square, in front of Parliament. ndaa sopa anonymous ows occupy usdor opblackout

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Leaked Doc Shows Why US Keeps Trade Talks Secret
http://ping.fm/7I65w -
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WaPo: Science fiction master Ray Bradbury dies -
I wonder how many countries still ban his novels. -
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