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Who did TSA give a tumor today? -
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: Panetta needs to go attack himself. -
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World’s Largest Organization for Computer Professionals Comes Out Against CISPA - stopcispa opdefense http://ping.fm/uJdgM

Stop Big Brother - Stop CISPA | Democrats.com - stopcispa OpDefense http://ping.fm/jUluy

CISPA deserves some action people. -
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Lieberman-Collins Cyber Security Act - cispa stopcispa opdefense http://ping.fm/KM3rt

SaveTheInternet.com | Stop Online Spying Legislation in the Senate - cispa stopcispa opdefense opblackout http://ping.fm/68zsf

I am afraid to say that Obama will find reason to think that CISPA is really not that bad.- stopcispa legislation opdefense opblackout

EFF: Call to Action: Join the Fight Against Cyber Spying Proposals in the Senate
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Privacy is Awesome: the playbook for killing CISPA, America’s universal surveillance law - stopcispa opdefense http://ping.fm/j9sJH

: OpBlackout care package. -
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It appears that someone needs to keep an eye on the Secret Service. nato getlostnato blocknatosupply chicago stopcispa privacy ows

Chicago Metra train service shaping up to a privacy nightmare? - opdefense stopcispa opblackout getlostnato http://ping.fm/js2A8