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More OpBlackout Windpower! -
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: OpBlackout tag wrap -
#pakistan drone xray tsa syriafiles nodrones windpower wikileaks rights #p nhs israel islamabad health

A huge NATO protest march just reached Islamabad square, in front of Parliament. Pakistan wikileaks syriafiles selex tetra freebrad

An #OpBlackout tagwrap 4U- #wikileaks #syriafiles #selex #wlgrandjury #tetra
OpBlackout tag wraps are periodically generated to highlight topics
that are germane to digital liberties and liberties in general. The
intent is to honor and preserve the net freedom that we fought for by
engaging in a strident form of online expression and virtual assembly.
By bringing together our disparate areas of interest, we find out what
we have most in common. Together, we are powerful. These tag wraps are usually ordered by priority, but the ordering can
be sloppy and unreliable. Enjoy exploring these timely subjects.


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US announces Raytheon indicted for breaking Syria embargo — oops, wrong country. ;-) -
#wikileaks syriafiles selex wlgrandjury tetra

Did everyone get their Tetra crypto problems cleaned up before the release? ;-) -
#wikileaks syriafiles selex finmeccanica

Here’s more - sistri marconi intracom ericsson
- Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

I suspect that US ties to the vendors are in play, giving rise to tepid response of US media. Syria tetra finmeccanica syriafiles selex

Predictably, Wikileaks SyriaFiles story is spreading faster in the non-US press. Worth checking @wikileaks. Congrats to arstechnica.

Liars, etc. White House has an interesting notion of criminality. -
#wikileaks syriafiles freebrad


People believe the West was taking away from Syria with the right hand,&giving back with the left hand. Understandable. syriafiles selex

It appears that goods were being diverted to police and other state agencies in response to the unrest. syria syriafiles selex

It is clear that Syria was trying to find other sources for the goods that the US was refusing to ship to them. syriafiles