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Another OpBlackout tag wrap -
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: TSA could give us some actual transportation security by stopping the drones.

When you are in the airport, you are witnessing the TSA commit a crime. Perhaps you should seek safety. -
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Airport X-ray body scanners are a cancer risk. -
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Other issues I’d like to hear from Jill about: rights issues, like sopa pipa and cispa. Wikileaks, TSA X-ray body scanners, xray,

DHS Still Stonewalling On Body Scanning Ruling One Year Later – tsa xray health x-ray http://t.co/9YMCT0eT http://ping.fm/5nTs8

More OpBlackout Windpower! -
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Who did the TSA give cancer today? -
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: OpBlackout tag wrap -
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I’m not flying. You do not want to see what I could do to airport security. health tsa nhs xray body cancer civil rights

To say nothing about the rights violations. How can you stand there and let them shred the Bill of Rights in your face? tsa xray health

People may not realize that radiation exposure during the flight is worse than the x-ray body scanners. Avoid flying. tsa xray health

Three questions for TSA Administrator Pistole - xray health body scanner

Calling the terahertz scanners “completely safe” is premature and likely inaccurate, IMHO. tsa xray

I am deeply concerned about the newly proposed dental x-ray scanners, base on body scanner technology. xray tsa